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Air Force- SMC DET 12 (RSLP)
Minotaur I:
TacSat 2 December 2006
NFIRE April 2007
TacSat 3 October 2007

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), formerly the Virginia Space Flight Center, is an FAA licensed, full service spaceport located at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility on the mid-Atlantic coast. MARS is a joint initiative of Virginia and Maryland operated by the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority. MARS provides low cost access to mid-inclination and sun synchronous orbits for ELVs, sub-orbital launch vehicles, RLV launch and landing, and recovery support for ballistic and guided re-entry vehicles. Its location provides unobstructed access to the ISS for cargo/re-supply missions. MARS offers two FAA licensed launch pads, sub-orbital launch rails, vehicle/payload storage and processing facilities, co-located airport, flexible mission support, and an accommodating schedule for commercial and government aerospace customers. Its unique location, capabilities, and cost advantages make it the test, demonstration, and operational launch site of choice for ELV/RLV programs by government and industry alike.

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