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Let The Games Begin
To foster interest in the amateur community, and to support amateur radio and space technology outreach to secondary and higher education student groups, the GeneSat Mission Team is sponsoring a contest, with recognition and awards as follows:

Grand Prize: A radio station set up for satellite tracking! The rig will be donated by the Silicon Valley Center for Robotic Exploration and Space Technology (CREST) at NASA Research Park to the college or university of the winner's choice. The honor of choosing the recipient school goes to the station that logs 12 or more data packets each (about 1 minute's worth of listening) from the greatest number of satellite passes during the experiment.

The academic institution must be approved by CREST management. Approval will be awarded on the schools ability to demonstrate that they have suitable infrastructure and licensed amateur(s) available to operate and maintain the station, and to provide for connectivity from CREST for remote support and operation. The station will be installed with the cooperation of CREST staff.

The winners also will receive a commemorative plaque for station team members and pictures and recognition on the GeneSat-1 website.

In case of a tie the station with earliest initial packet submittal will win the right to award the station.

First Contact Prize: The station submitting the first packet after initiation of transmission will receive the First Contact Prize. They will receive a commemorative plaque and mission pins for station team members and pictures and recognition on the GeneSat-1 website.

The First 20 to post packets will receive mission pins and a certificate of recognition from the GeneSat Mission Operations Director.

All Contestants who submit one or more packets will receive an electronic QSL card from GeneSat-1 will receive an electronic QSL card from the web site upon submission of data.

Entries will be made by uploading packets received, onto the GeneSat-1 website, on the Beacon Message Submission page.